Hi there! We’re the KCL Space Society – home to all things space-related at King’s. Join us for lectures, socials and so much more…

Academic Lectures

We invite a variety of speakers to talk to our members about their exciting, new discoveries in the space arena, and career opportunities in the field.


We host regular social events – including quizzes, outings, and evenings at the pub – for you to meet other members in an informal setting. Sometimes we even team up with space societies from other London universities for a night out!


We are in the Wheatstone Lab (Strand) every Wednesday at 1pm building rockets – come join us! This year we are aiming to get certified to build bigger and better rockets, as well as working towards an entry for UKSED’s National Rocketry Championship once again. If that wasn’t exciting enough, once our rockets are built we get to launch them too.


Last year we entered the UKSEDS CubeSat Challenge, where we designed a CubeSat to detect trash in the oceans. This year we want to go a step further and build our own CubeSats. Watch this space for more info!

Space Law

The KCL Space Moot Team competes with the chance of going before the International Court of Justice. The current team will present their work, and are on the lookout for next year’s team.

Conference Delegations

We send a delegation to the annual National Students Space Conference and go to other events throughout the year.


We run an annual Galactic Challenge in February, for students aged 10-13, in collaboration with the Space Science and Engineering Foundation and UK Space Design Competition. Members act as mentors to the participants, who are tasked with designing an entire space settlement with a day.

Links with Other University Space Societies

Naturally, we are also the official UKSEDS (UK Students for the Exploration and Development of Space) Chapter, and some of our members even volunteer with them regularly. We also have strong links with the Royal Aeronautical Society and LaunchLink with the aim to provide a platform for collaborations on projects. And if that wasn’t enough, our President has even set up a direct channel with the Heads of other UK Space Societies which hopes to build a student-run journal and conference.


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